Sunday, December 19, 2010

December Happenings...

Wow! Almost a month since my last post.

Sorry, all. The time I have had for posting has been limited and FB allows me to post updates super quick, so I admit that I have been lazy lately. I do plan to post here more regularly in 2011, so don't give up on this space, completely. : )

Miss Balloon Heart premiered her school science show this past week at Goggleworks in Reading for Agora Cyber Charter School and it received rave reviews! Here are two videos of audience feedback.

In the week before Christmas, we have some of these adorable snowmen being delivered and if you have a last minute, unique and fun gift you need for someone - we still have a little bit of time this week to make a few extra... but be sure to order them by Tuesday! This adorable guy is $35 with the wreath and $30 without, sales tax is not included and delivery is extra.

I could post lots more but that would hold me up from actually getting this out tonight. So, rather than wait another month. Here you go and I wish those who celebrate Christmas to have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, may you all be blessed in all that you do and have an abundantly blessed New Year.

As always, thanks for reading!

Christine Maziarz, CBA

Monday, November 15, 2010

Order your Holiday "Froot" Basket Today!

The perfect and unique gift for your Thanksgiving host!

Creating Exciting Balloon Memories, LLC will be offering a limited amount of these "Froot" baskets during Thanksgiving week for pick-up or local delivery. 
Be sure to place your order as soon as possible while they are still available.

The Froot Basket pictured is a large basket and contains over 40 pieces of balloon fruit. This sculpture, made entirely out of balloons, is perfect for a buffet centerpiece and/or table decor. Pictured below is the same centerpiece with my lovely assistant holding it to provide a size reference.

Comments received about these Froot Baskets:
"It is beautiful."
"That froot basket is AMAZING."
"The picture doesn't do it justice."
"Is that REALLY only balloons?"
"How did you DO that?"

A smaller size of the basket which holds over 22 pieces of balloon "froot" is also available.
Prices begin at $50. 
Call  or email Creating Exciting Balloon Memories, today to place your order!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

School House Rock Live opens tonight, Friday, November 12th!

presented by Encore Theater Company... where children make the magic

Creating Exciting Balloon Memories, LLC is a proud sponsor of Encore Theater Company. 

Friday, November 12th at 7PM
Saturday, November 13th at 1:30PM 
Sunday, November 14th at 1:30PM
Pottstown Middle School, Pottstown, PA

Visit their website for more information.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Miss Balloon Heart has a new home..

No, I am not physically moving into a new home but bookings for Miss Balloon Heart have moved and are now made through
Creating Exciting Balloon Memories, LLC...when your event demands "WOW!"

Thanks to Greta Cuyler for the fun article found in the Reading Eagle this past Friday which announces this new move for Miss Balloon Heart. Click here to view it online!

With that being said, be sure to check out the new home of Miss Balloon Heart when you get the opportunity. 

Locals, if you don't already know about this wonderful resource, be sure to check out as well. Stephanie, who runs the site, is always sure to post updates on where to find Miss Balloon Heart and she runs one INCREDIBLE blog. Her weekend buzz updates are my personal favorite posts.

As always, thanks for reading!

Christine : )

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Amazing things...Remember me?

Hello, all!

Forgive me for the long time between blog posts. Business has been great and the direction of my business has been shifting as well. First the bad was with much prayer and consideration that I have decided to stop my weekly appearances at Friendly's. This was a tough decision for me as the General Manager there, Beverly, was THE VERY FIRST person to have faith in my ability to twist a balloon, 22 months ago. I consider it a true blessing that I am able to leave on such wonderful terms with a great restaurant. They have been nothing but wonderful to me. My final appearance there is this coming Wednesday, October 27th.

This decision stems from some direction changes in my business. Most of you know that I have been focusing on balloon decor this year and receiving training so that I may provide my clients with excellent and beautiful balloon decor solutions. Going forward, I will be focusing on deco-twisted decor for large events; Sweet Sixteen parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Proms, Convention Booths, Anniversary Parties, Corporate Events - the bigger the better.

Another direction change for my business was announced in Southern Berks News last week. I was blessed to have spent time with reporter, Dawn Wivell, who wrote an amazing article about my business where she was able to announce my future offering of an elementary school science assembly. This fun and educational show is currently in rehearsals.  Be the first to tell your school about it now to allow them to book me at my, limited time, introductory rate.   Show booking dates begin in February of 2011 and are being taken now! This super cool show was written by the world-famous, Larry Moss, of Airigami. I am truly honored to have been given his permission to present this show to the area.

Guess what...there is even more news on the horizon. I was interviewed by yet another reporter this past week. This lovely lady is from the Reading Eagle and I will let her be the one to break my next news item. Stay tuned, all. There are many cool things happening in the months ahead.

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful week ahead!

Christine : )

Monday, September 13, 2010

Miss Balloon Heart Earns Recognition as Certified Balloon Artist

I did it! Today was EXAM day. The big four hour , Certified Balloon Artist (CBA), exam. I had a few date changes in the last month from my originally scheduled date but I was well pleased to learn just last week that this last change allowed me to take the exam two days early, right here in Pennsylvania. It was supposed to be later in the week just outside of NYC. This change saved me at least 4 hours of driving this week. I am grateful for that.

I was extremely nervous going into the Exam. While I admit I was well prepared, it is still completely overwhelming. I even said to my husband this morning, if I do not pass it this go around, I am not sure I will take it again as I can not imagine being any better prepared. Thankfully, the preparations paid off.

I was also well pleased to find that Jean Eddy, CBA was handling the panel interviews and judging. I had the pleasure of meeting her back in August when I attended Balloonstitute. She taught a wedding decor class which I was able to attend. She has the sweetest personality and really has a gift for calming you down and allowing you to do your best.  Thank you, Jean for that.

 Jean Eddy, CBA & Christine Maziarz, CBA

I had the pleasure of testing with two other lovely ladies and we ALL  received our certification, today. It was an honor to test with them and I am thrilled that we all went home with BIG SMILES on our faces. 

I attached my press release below. 

Now that this is complete...onto the next big project (sorry, that one is still a secret). ; )

I WILL be at my regularly scheduled Tuesday evening hangout this week at Red Robin Exeter but will not be at Friendly's on Wednesday this week - no worries - I will be back next week!

As always, thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my blog.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Christine Maziarz, CBA
aka Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Best Dad in the World

By the way... tomorrow is my father's birthday. He is AMAZING. One of my biggest supporters and encouragers in all that I do. A smile from my dad can make any day good. DD and I can't wait to take him out to lunch for his birthday.

Love you, Dad!

My awesome father with last year's gift. : ) 

Back from Vegas!

 Hello, all!

I pray this finds you and your family enjoying the last days of summer - hard to believe how quickly summer has flown.

I am back from the amazing balloon education in Las Vegas. I have yet to unpack all of my "balloon stuff" but I will eventually get there... maybe by January if it is anything like last year. Hee hee.

For those who have been receiving these updates for a while, you will notice the new picture - I was blessed to have the opportunity to have my picture taken by Richard Faverty of Beckett Studios in Las Vegas, while I was out there, and was thrilled to have the picture above as a result of our quick photo session. He is a pleasure to work with!

I was able to enjoy Las Vegas with great friends who I have met in this fun, balloon industry.

I have posted pictures from this event on my Facebook Fan Page and they may be viewed here.  Many thanks to the generous individuals who stepped up and "saved the day" by creating these events in less than one month's time: Don Caldwell, Tawney Bubbles, Todd Neufeld (Alternajam) and Mark Zettler (Balloonstitute). Catching the magician, Jeff McBride, at Alternajam was an extra amazing bonus. I'm not a magician by any means but he made it look like fun and was an EXCELLENT speaker!

One of my favorite moments was hanging out with Laura Caldwell, aka Annie Banannie, at Alternajam.
She is as sweet in person as I imagined her to be. Kind of a bummer that I am located on the East Coast and she is on the West Coast but then it is probably lucky for her as I would be one of her groupies! ; )

Balloonatic RN, Annie Banannie & Miss Balloon Heart

I was blessed to spend most of my time with my buddy, Diane, aka Balloonatic RN, the majority of the trip. We saw the sites together and attended many of the classes together. We even were able to take in a Vegas show with our new friend from Australia, Matt.

Okay, so, yes, this educational trip was great. I learned a ton that I will be able to use in my business over the next year and years beyond. Now that I am back in Pennsylvania....

                   ...the CBA Exam that I was scheduled to take in Vegas will be held in New Jersey next month so I have a few weeks left to prepare and study for that. September 15th is exam day! I do need to say that I love the CBA program, I went from being unsure about doing decor to having a solid foundation and confidence in creating beautiful decor. I can not honestly say that I am super calm about the exam but I know it will be over before I know it - it is feeling a little too college-like for my know... read the entire 500-page textbook and there will be 5 questions worth 100 points total, kind of thing. ; )

This coming Friday, I have the privilege of decorating a wedding and am very much looking forward to that event. I will be sure to post pictures. I will be at my regularly scheduled restaurants, as well, this week, Red Robin, Exeter on Tuesday evening and Friendly's on Shoemaker Rd. in Pottstown on Wednesday.

May you all have a blessed week. As always, thanks for taking the time in your day to read my blog!

aka Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"

The hot air balloon was created in Robbie Furman's Floating Decor Pieces class... the bride and groom I added later in a silly moment. They are also his designs but not exactly his recommended placement. : ) 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where is Miss Balloon Heart this week?

I am sure at one of my weekly restaurants, this week, a guest will ask this question.

Here is the answer.

This Saturday evening, I am heading out to Vegas for a few incredible days of balloon education. I WILL return to my regularly scheduled restaurants the week of August 16th. While the original event that I was planning to attend was canceled, amazing people in this industry stepped up and put together three days of events with only a few weeks notice. Talk about angels! I will have the opportunity to meet, learn from and "jam" with top balloon professionals. You can say it... I do... I am a BALLOON GEEK. : ) What can I say? I have an incredible job and love every minute of it.

On that "geeky" note, I had some time to practice balloon decor pieces this week and I included pictures of the results at the bottom of this post.

May you all have a WONDERFUL weekend and week! I will post updates on my Facebook Fan page about my trip, as time allows. Also, do not forget about the chance to win a balloon twisting kit from me - click here for details.

As always, thanks for making time to read my blog,

Christine Maziarz
aka Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"

 This is a fun column with balloons, light AND fabric - oh my! : )

Floating Flowers

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Miss Balloon Heart is giving away a Balloon Twisting 101 Bag to one Lucky Facebook Fan!

When Miss Balloon Heart reaches 300 Facebook Fans, she will choose one lucky fan randomly (using to receive the giveaway pictured below.

Miss Balloon Heart's Balloon Twisting 101 Giveaway to one Lucky Facebook Fan
  • Miss Balloon Heart bag
  • Various balloons (260Q twisting balloons and other fun shapes to add to your creations!)
  • Instructions by Miss Balloon Heart on how to make a balloon dog
  • Dewey's Basic Balloon Sculpting Course Book 
  • Miss Balloon Heart coloring/activity page and crayons
  • Punch balloons (we all need stress relief!)
  • Rocket balloons
  • Small teddy bear - he's covered in hearts, of course!
  • A black Expo Click marker - I prefer using these when I add art to balloons
  • 3 - $10 Red Robin Gift Cards (Please note that these are good only at Pennsylvania Lehigh Valley Group Red Robin Restaurants - sorry, out of towners!).
If you are on Facebook but are not already following Miss Balloon Heart, here is your chance to be entered to win this awesome giveaway. Click "Like" below.  That is all you have to do.

Do you want the winner to be announced sooner? Then share this post on Facebook with all of your friends using the link below. Best of luck!

Christine Maziarz
aka Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Birthday Wishes to a Special Woman, My Availability and Other Things...

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I have to open with a quick shout-out to my wonderful mother! Mom, thanks for always being there for me. For being the best mother a girl could ever ask for and for always speaking the truth - even when it hurts. : ) Your support of me through the years has always been something I appreciate beyond words. I count you as one of my greatest blessings. I love you very much. Happy Birthday, Mom!


For everyone else... thanks for spending some time in your busy schedule to read my blog. Here is what I have to "say" this unbelievably hot weekend.

New Blog Layout
What do you think? Like it? Hate it? Let me know. : )

My Availability
I have had more than a few people, recently, ask about my availability on booking events, so I thought I would take a moment to address this. As many of you know, my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer this past March. He had the tumor removed and is cancer-free, praise God! However, due to his young age, the doctors advised that he have a round of chemo to catch any potential microscopic cells of cancer that could possibly be floating around in his system. He is currently in the midst of his chemo treatments and we are adjusting to what a very good friend of mine calls our "new normal." : ) This being said, I cut my available hours drastically for the months he is undergoing chemotherapy. I AM currently booked through mid-November. My website calendar has been updated and if I am available to work, the calendar will say "available". If you have an event that you would like Miss Balloon Heart to attend, check it out! Believe it or not, I already have requests for 2011 dates in the works! So, yes, I AM taking bookings but NO, I do not have availability before November 20th, 2010.

Professional Balloon Education
Yes, there are balloon conventions and you would not believe how many of them there are! It is actually quite hard to choose which to attend but then at the same time, it is wonderful that there are so many options as we all have different schedules and needs. I will be receiving my next dose of professional training in August. I was scheduled to attend Diamond Jam and Balloon Camp in Las Vegas. We received word, about a week ago that the event was canceled! Yes, registrations paid and plane tickets purchased. What is a gal to do?  Thankfully, my dismay did not last long as angels in this industry stepped up and planned within a week's time two events for those of us who were unable to get out of our travel arrangements (that would be me). 

I will be attending AlternaJam on August 9th - this focus is for balloon twisters and entertainers and then Balloonstitute on August 10th and 11th - these days the focus will be on balloon decor. Thank you to all of the amazing individuals who stepped up to run these events!

Another change with the cancellation of the convention is that the CBA Exam that I had planned to take while in Vegas was canceled as well. Thankfully, Pioneer scheduled one in New Jersey in September, so all of my studying and preparation will be able to be put to use fairly soon AND I am able to drive there. Woo hoo! 

There is probably more to write but I believe that is enough for one week. : ) I know many of you have been praying for my husband and our family and we appreciate that beyond words. We truly are doing as well as we possibly could be doing and can not wait until hubby's final chemo treatment! 

I leave you with this fun search story video that I took a few minutes to make. Try one for your business, too. It is cute and super easy create. Thanks to Dale Obrochta for sharing it with others!

Creating Spectacular Memories with Balloons,

Christine Maziarz
a.k.a. Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thanks, Berks County Moms!

Gotta love publicity!

I'm really excited about this resource, being a "Berks County Mom." Yes, she DID call me right after writing that post, too!

She is on Facebook as well.

Creating Amazing Moments with Balloons,

Christine Maziarz
a.k.a. Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone!

Hello, all!

Tomorrow we celebrate my daughter's 7th birthday. Holy Cow, where does the time go? I will say that having a helium tank and thousands of balloons on-hand makes it extremely easy to spruce up the room quickly - we are all set for her birthday morning. Balloons are a wonderful way to paint the air and space in the room.

This week I worked on a couple of parody balloons that have been skipping around in my mind for a few months. The picture below has two hats that I created. A quick shout out to Bob and Larry for modeling them for me. The triangular shaped head has been the challenging part of this design.

Tonight I had just a few minutes to try a smaller, "Little Wrist Friends" version of the "quiet one" in the picture above. Not exactly where I want it yet but I'm happy that I got this far so quickly.

I also FINALLY remembered to bring a camera along to Friendly's this week and managed to snap a few pictures with the permission of the families. Click here to view that album of fun pictures.

For those of you who are waiting to know when my schedule will officially open up again... the end of November is the magic date (after Nov. 15th). I will be at the Daniel Boone Optimist Club's Craft Fair the first weekend of December but the remaining weekends are open for your birthdays, holiday parties and events! Book EARLY to reserve your dates.

As always, thank you for reading.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend, everyone!

a.k.a. Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"
Offering fantastic twisted balloon creations and beautiful balloon decor

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Congratulations to Cruzita L. who won June's prize of $40 in Red Robin Gift Cards. The winner was chosen using

Thank you all who entered!

For the month of July I am encouraging you to tell your friends about Miss Balloon Heart's Fan Page. If I reach 300 fans in July, one lucky fan will receive a balloon twisting 101 kit that I am assembling. If I pass 300 easily, I will add a second winner to the month, too. If the winner is local, I will be sure to throw in a couple of Lehigh Valley Red Robin $10 gift cards, because you will find me at Red Robin, Exeter, most Tuesday evenings!

Use the text below to tell your friends about my fan page. Thank you all and Happy July!!!!

Copy & Paste this text to tell your friends about Miss Balloon Heart:

I love following Miss Balloon Heart's fan page. Click here to check it out. If she reaches 300 fans in July one lucky fan will win a basic balloon twisting kit, assembled by Miss Balloon Heart!

Happily Twisting Balloons,
Christine Maziarz
aka Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Facebook Balloon Challenge Complete!!

Hello, all!

I asked my Facebook Fans, a few months ago, for balloons that they want to see me create. From that list I had a poll out on Facebook to determine the winner. The Buzz Lightyear parody balloon won by just one vote. Since we are in the midst of opening weekend for Toy Story 3, I thought it would be a fitting time to create this challenge request.

I sat down with my daughter's Buzz Lightyear from the original movie and began to work. I did not use designs from other artists or any pictures - just her doll. As you can see in the picture below, it doesn't take me just one try to get it right - here are the ones that did not "make the grade" but each one had a role in the creative process.

For those who might think I have a fancy setup, I thought I would include a picture of my favorite work space... THE FLOOR! : ) By the time I am finished working, the floor is usually a crazy mess. Below is a picture of today's outcome.

After some trials and tests, the final results came out well.

My daughter enjoyed posing with the astronaut and wanted to upstage him.

Below she made him fly. : )
Once I finished this larger model of the astronaut, I decided to make Don Caldwell's Little Wrist Friends version. If you see me at a party or restaurant - THIS is the version you may see.

My model was up for ONE more picture...

I hope that you all enjoyed the pictures! Do not forget to enter in June's drawing for $40 in local Red Robin Gift Cards.

Happy Father's Day to the dads out there. We are celebrating by seeing "Toy Story 3!"

I am off to clean up the floor. : )

Happily Twisting Balloons,

Christine Maziarz
aka Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Goliath and Decor...

Hello, my friends!

This weekend brought the installation of this Goliath sculpture at St. Paul's UCC in Douglassville for their Sunday School program on June 6, 2010. Goliath took about 10 hours to assemble and was made in pieces throughout the last week. His legs and feet were made last Sunday and they began the process.

In the above picture, my daughter is playing the role of David and has her slingshot ready for Goliath. Below, I am standing with the creation so that you may see the size of this beast. As a reference point, I am five feet, five inches.

I hung some 3' air-filled balloons from the ceiling to fill this large room. They are a great way to fill in high ceiling space. They also create a tremendous sonic boom if they pop! Just ask the sweet volunteers who were preparing for the church's Chicken BBQ dinner! ; )

The picture below allows you to see the large ceiling balloons as well as Goliath and the arch in the distance.

For the entrance arch I used agate balloons (my favorite) in a zig zag pattern with the light blue balloons. There is also a helium topiary at the first table.

Side view of the arch.

On another note, I did not receive any updates from my blog via email this past week so I am guessing that subscribers of my blog did not receive them either. I AM in the process of researching why this happened and am hoping it is simply a hiccup. If you are a subscriber and ARE getting this one but missed some of the recent others, here is what you missed.

I posted pictures from the Boyertown Library decor that I did as well as announced May's Red Robin Gift Card winners and how to be entered for a chance to win a $40 Red Robin Gift Card in June!

Thank you all for reading and for your support. If you have not noticed, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my job!

Happily Twisting Balloons,
Christine Maziarz
aka Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"

Monday, May 31, 2010

$40 Red Robin Gift Card Drawing in June.

Why Red Robin gift cards? Because you will find Miss Balloon Heart at Red Robin, Exeter every Tuesday evening in June from 5:30 - 7:00PM!
Please note that these gift cards are good only for Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group, Red Robins. Sorry, out-of-towners!

One winner will be randomly chosen on Thursday, July 1, 2010.

For one entry type your first name, last initial, and your email address in the space provided in a comment below.
Example: Christine M.,

For a second entry, visit Miss Balloon Heart's website and have a look around at the sampling of balloons she has made. Check out her portfolio and videos, too! Once you have done this, return to this post and in a NEW comment below, leave your first name, last initial, your email address, and what your favorite balloon picture or video is from Miss Balloon Heart's website.

Example: Christine M. My most favorite balloon I saw on your website is the life-size princess. That is amazing!

For a third entry, “like” Miss Balloon Heart on Facebook here. Once you have done this, return to this post and in a NEW comment below, leave your first name, last initial, your email address and “Like”
Example: Christine M. Like

OR if you already "like" Miss Balloon Heart on Facebook then in a NEW comment below please tell us your first name, last initial, email address and "Already Like Miss Balloon Heart"

Example: Christine M. Already Like Miss Balloon Heart

Would you like even more entries? We are impressed. You will get an extra entry for every time you tweet about this giveaway or post a link to it on Facebook. Do not forget to leave a comment below each time that you do this.

Example1: Christine M., tweet

Example2: Christine M., FB link

The winner of the $40 worth of gift cards for Red Robin, Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group will be announced July 1, 2010, right here on Miss Balloon Heart's blog.


Must I leave my email address? If you do not want to leave you email address in a comment below, that is absolutely fine but be sure to check back here on July 1, 2010 to find out if you are our winner. We will need a way to contact you. If you do not leave an email address and do not contact Miss Balloon Heart within three days of the winner announcement then a new winner will be chosen. Subscribe to Miss Balloon Heart blog updates (on the right) to be emailed future blog postings.

Why do I need to leave a comment for each entry? To encourage Miss Balloon Heart to do more of these, we are going to limit the time needed to support the sweepstakes and give her one place to track entries. Please note that likes and re-posts will be verified. Thank you for your understanding.

Best of luck, everyone!

Congratulations to the May Winners!

There were 73 valid entries for the $20 Red Robin Gift Card Prizes for last month. Each entry was assigned a number and the numbers were placed in a coffee can. My daughter randomly chose the following winners: Michael Reist and Tristan Huyett.

Each winner above will receive $20 in Red Robin Gift cards via snail mail, valid for Red Robins in the Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group. Stay tuned for how to win next month's gift cards!

Christine Maziarz
aka Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"

Friday, May 28, 2010

Library Decor! Also, Winners Will be Announced on Tuesday.

This week I decorated the ceiling of the children's wing at the Boyertown Library to match their summer reading program's water theme. I had fun being creative with this one. To view all of the pictures, click here.

Next week, I will be at Red Robin, Exeter on Tuesday Evening
and Friendly's on Shoemaker Rd. in Pottstown on Wednesday Evening.

Tuesday, I will be announcing the names of the two winners of the $20 Red Robin Gift Cards for May. In June, I will be giving away one set of $40 in Red Robin Gift Cards (Please note that theses are good only at a Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group Red Robins).
How do you enter this drawing? Stay tuned. I will announce the details on Tuesday, June 1st!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!

aka Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Graduations and Time to Decorate the Library!

Hello, all!

This week, I had a couple of graduation deliveries to make and took advantage of a free Saturday morning to assemble a cow themed string of pearl arch for my portfolio (see pictures below). Red Robin and Friendly's were a ton of fun as well!

Come on out and join the fun this week..

Tuesday - Red Robin, Exeter from 5:30PM - 7:00PM
Wednesday - Friendly's on Shoemaker Rd. in Pottstown 5:00PM - 7:00PM

This coming week, I will also be decorating the Boyertown Library, Children's section for the summer "water" theme. I will add sculptures to the ceiling throughout the week. : ) I am looking forward to this!

Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead everyone!

Christine Maziarz
aka Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"

Just before bagging up the deliveries.

Close-up of the Graduation Lootle
String of Pearl Arch, Cow Theme

Monday, May 10, 2010

Graduation Bouquet Available - Only 2 More left!!

Hello, all!

I ordered a handful of graduation balloons to play around with and I have one particular balloon that is SUPER COOL and amazing! Placed in a bouquet with my, always favorite, Qualatex Balloon Bubbles and it creates a balloon bouquet that is jaw dropping huge and completely unique! Yes, I allowed my daughter permission to sit on the table for the picture above. : )

The design is from Qualatex as is most of the description below... the base is a Miss Balloon Heart creation.

When a graduate's future plans are up in the air, let this "Spin for Success" bouquet make the "tough" decisions for them. A giant 34" foil, star-shaped balloon presents several options like "sleep," "travel," and "get a real job" as well as a back-side that says "Fabulous Graduate." This creative balloon also features an arrow that really spins to select items! My daughter LOVES it!

Two big, clear, see-through bubble balloons spotted with caps, diplomas, and balloons are adorned with a cluster of four smaller balloons at the neck to complete the bouquet. The whole arrangement is anchored to a balloon base made to look like a graduation cap - tassel and all! You may chose which base you want (round balloons or twisted cap) and a specific twisted cap color may be requested. Time to celebrate!

The best part of all is that this bouquet will last WEEKS!!!!

Ready to Order?
I have only a few of these amazing balloons in stock and they are on a first-come, first serve basis. The complete super-sized bouquet is $95.10 which includes tax and local delivery (Douglassville, Boyertown, Pottstown, Exeter), and a balloon care card with your personal message.

Below are close-up pictures of the bouquet for reference.

Full Bouquet
Close-up of Helium Balloons
Front Side of Spinner Balloon
Back Side of Spinner Balloon
Close-up of Round Balloon Base
Close-up of 2nd Balloon Base Option (custom colors may be requested).

Christine Maziarz
aka Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"

A Wonderful Wild West Party

I had a BLAST working Steven's 3rd birthday party this past weekend! Not only did his family invite me to twist balloons at his party but they also asked for some super fun decor as well. Here is what I call the "balloon petting zoo" with, yes, of course, my daughter for size reference. : ) For more pictures of the decor and close-ups of these animals, click here. Have a GREAT day, everyone!

aka Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Six Month Booking Hiatus begins.

Hello, all!

I have decided to take an official hiatus on bookings during the next six months. My husband begins his six months of chemotherapy next week and in order to keep things as smooth and peaceful at home as possible I have decided to not take bookings for the entire time of his chemotherapy. I WILL take bookings for 2011 now. I may possibly be able to do events the last few weeks in December but I am going to wait a few months to see how some of his chemo rounds go before deciding on that for sure.

I WILL be working at Friendly's and Red Robin during this time, so do not hesitate to come on out and visit me there! Check my website calendar for current dates and times.

Now, all this being said, things may change, I may find that I AM able to work here and there, and if that happens you will be one of the first to know if you are reading this! So, yes, stay on my email lists and or Facebook Fan page for updates on the few remaining events I have and to see what fun stuff I'm working on and learning. I will also have balloon challenge requests periodically - there is one in the works on my Facebook Fan page.

I appreciate everyone's support TREMENDOUSLY. I look forward to being able to attend all of your events in 2011!

Abundant blessings to all of you!

Christine Maziarz
aka Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Miss Balloon Heart is giving away $20 in Red Robin Gift Cards to 2 Lucky Winners!

It is true!
How do you enter?

Join Miss Balloon Heart for Kid's Nights in May 2010 at Red Robin, Exeter from 5:30 - 7:00PM and fill out an entry form. I will choose TWO random winners on June 1 , 2010 from all of the entries in May and announce the winners right here on my blog!

Entry forms must be handed in between 5:30 and 7:30PM on Tuesdays in May of 2010. Forms will be available at the restaurant during those times and may be handed directly to Miss Balloon Heart or placed in the balloon basket at the front of the restaurant.

One entry per family per evening, please.

I also just got word that on top of all of the other great things going on during Red Robin Kid's Nights, at this FABULOUS location, they will also be having face painting as well!!! What a tremendous amount of fun!

Click here for details on Miss Balloon Heart joining Kid's Nights at Red Robin, Exeter.

Definitely tell your friends!

See you there,

Christine Maziarz
aka Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"

Monday, April 26, 2010

Next Tuesday, May 4th... Red Robin, Exeter!

Next Tuesday begins the fun. I will drop this off tomorrow at Red Robin! : )
Details are in my earlier post.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Miss Balloon Heart Joins Red Robin Exeter's Kid's Nights and a Booking Update.

Yes, that is correct, beginning Tuesday, May 4th, 2010, Miss Balloon Heart will be joining Red Robin, Exeter's Kid's Nights. Miss Balloon Heart will be twisting balloons table-side from 5:30PM - 7:00PM! The planning for my appearances there has been in the works for quite some time. Both Red Robin and I are THRILLED to be able to announce it "officially!"

Every Tuesday night at Red Robin is Kid's Night! Kids receive...
  • FREE tokens to play the games in the game area
  • A FREE sundae to finish off your meal
  • A visit from Red - he makes periodic appearances throughout the evening

In addition, beginning May 4th, if you join the fun between 5:30 PM and 7:00 PM, children aged *9-years-old and under will have the opportunity to have Miss Balloon Heart visit their table to create them a special balloon!

*Guests older than 9-years-old may receive balloons, if time permits.

Join Red Robin's eclub, to receive a free burger on your birthday. Click here to sign-up!


On another note, to update everyone on my booking status. My husband's surgery recovery has been going phenomenally. We DID find out that he needs six months of chemo in order to knock out any potential microscopic cancer cells that may be in his system. Once we get a handle on his chemo treatment schedule, I will be able to accept new future bookings. It is entirely possible that I may only work a couple of weekends a month and more than likely will post on my calendar days that I WILL BE available.

I did have a few things in the works which have had to be put on hold (summer library show & deliveries). The deliveries, I had hoped to start by May, for Mother's Day but that may not become a reality for this year. My restaurant and event work may be all I have time for this summer in the grand scheme of things. Thank you all for your patience and your support!

Christine Maziarz
aka Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"