Client Feedback...

Don't take our word for it... here is what our clients have had to say...

   Below is a small sampling of our feedback. 

"I would absolutely recommend Miss Balloon Heart to ANY event." - L.M.

"You're great! The kids loved you, and the balloon sculptures you created. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for entertainment." - P.R.
"I am having a blast having Miss Balloon Heart join me at all of the Agora Showcases. She has been absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a balloon artist.She is great with the children, and all of the adults are impressed by her balloon creations. They all love her. She has been the star of our events." - H.B. 
"Very entertaining and she was wonderful with all the kids and I had 16 of them. They were 4 years old." - BMc

"THANK YOU!!!!!  Everyone is still talking about the balloons at the party!!! Miss Balloon Heart was terrific!!!!  She was definitely the most popular part of the whole party and even the adults were raving about her work!  I would highly recommend her for any event!!!" - MF

"Thank you for the awesome balloon sculptures you made for all the children at Stephen's 9th Birthday Party, at the Da Vinci Science Center. Even the parents remarked how much fun the children had playing or happily showing off their pick of sculptures from the "menu." You were so accommodating too, and we loved having you there to make it so exciting for the kids!" EKS

"I was shocked that the range of children in age still found the experience great. Having kids from 1yr to 9yrs at a party and keeping them all entertained that I didn't have to break out games was wonderful. As a parent, the party was enjoyable, not stressful. I could actually talk to my friends, too." - MP

"Everyone loved our party! The balloon animals were a huge hit!  The parents were all commenting on how creative and well-trained Miss Balloon Heart is! I should have booked for longer because everyone was having so much fun they hated to see you go!" -RR

"If I had to sum it up in one word...EXCELLENT! You did a great job with the kids and showed a lot of attention to each child! They had a great time and the boys loved the swords! Thank you for the awesome hat you made for my son...he loved it as did me and my hubby! Fantastic!" - AM 

"We loved having Miss Balloon Heart at our twins 1st birthday party.  All the kids seemed to have fun and kept her very busy!!! We had many positive comments from our guests about Miss Balloon Heart." -KP

"The kids absolutely loved the balloons - you were the hit of the party!!! Even the parents loved the balloons - especially the fish and mermaids." - KG

"The kids had a great time and she did an outstanding job (with) all of them!!!!" - SR 

"Miss Balloon Heart was wonderful. She was professional and a pleasure to have at my daughter's party. The children (and adults) were captivated by her balloon creations. My family and friends thought it was a great choice of entertainment for a party." - LW

"The kids love their balloons. You were very animated and patient with them." - TC

"Beyond what I expected...a huge hit!" -  SZ

"You're great! The kids loved you, and the balloon sculptures you created. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for entertainment." - PR 

"I really enjoyed Miss Balloon Heart from the time I met her at Friendly's up to the day of my daughter's first birthday party. All of the guest really enjoyed her and asked me where did I find her. I was running around for the most part but the guests made sure to tell me she did an excellent job. I will use Miss Balloon Heart again." - TB