Sunday, January 16, 2011

Press Release About My New Elementary School Science Show

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Below is my latest press release.

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Miss Balloon Heart Now Offers an Elementary School Science Assembly Show

Miss Balloon Heart announces her elementary school science show offering; "How to Catch a Mouse, Simple Machines at Work," written by Larry Moss
PRLog (Press Release)Jan 14, 2011 – Christine Maziarz, aka Miss Balloon Heart, is thrilled and honored to bring "How to Catch a Mouse, Simple Machines at Work," to elementary schools in southeastern Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Written by the internationally-renowned "airigamist," Larry Moss, this 45-minute science show entertains and educates students about the five basic simple machines. It is the perfect stage show for audiences in kindergarten through fifth grade.

In this exciting show, balloon props and student volunteers are used to construct a large Rube Goldberg-style mousetrap intended to solve the problem of a mouse on the loose. Students cheer for the lucky audience volunteers, laugh at the silliness and learn a whole bunch.  

When schools book Miss Balloon Heart for their school assemblies, they will receive all of the promotional materials needed to bring excitement and anticipation to their students and staff as well as to their local community. After the performance, each and every one of the audience members will receive a free giveaway and the school keeps every inflated balloon used in the show.

You may find more information about Miss Balloon Heart’s presentation of this show at ....

Christine Maziarz is enjoying every minute of her balloon artistry journey. After witnessing her daughter's admiration for a twisted balloon dog, Christine purchased a balloon kit that began her journey. She has never looked back. Now an award-winning balloon artist, she enjoys the titles her fans have given her such as “Balloon Genie”, “The Pride of Douglassville” and “Cool Balloon Lady” even more.  Her most treasured titles of all are “Wife” and “Mother.”  Christine adores having this wonderful outlet to use her years of theater experience and love of entertaining and educating children.
Below is a short video about the concepts taught in this show.

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About Creating Exciting Balloon Memories, LLC :
Creating Exciting Balloon Memories is the new home of Miss Balloon Heart. Christine Maziarz, aka Miss Balloon Heart, is an Award-Winning balloon artist as well as a Certified Balloon Artist. Creating Exciting Balloon Memories serves clients in Southeastern Pennsylvania and surrounding areas with a school science show, balloon twisting entertainment and beautiful balloon decor.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Party Dots Product Review

Pete the Party Dot

Hello, all!

I received my free sample pack of Party Dots TM in mid-December. It took me a week or so to actually open the envelope and inspect them.

When I think of balloon lights, I automatically picture them inside of 5" rounds as headlights or in a 260 balloon (twister/entertainer balloon) for light sabers or in the top of a candle on a balloon birthday cake. I have used a few other types of lights but none that have made me stop and go, "THIS IS AWESOME."

That changed when I opened this package.

My first thoughts were, "I like these... no pointy edges like on the sparkle collars. Not only that.. these will blink or glow AND turn on and off with a switch. Yes, I even tested using the switch once the Party Dot was inserted into a balloon. It worked great with the candle (pictured below).

Each Party Dot has a self-adhesive side and they stick BEAUTIFULLY on balloons. My daughter and I created a silly alien creature type of balloon. We placed a Party Dot on top of its head to see how it would work - it stayed on his head for days.

When I created a fun New Year's hat for my evening at Red Robin, I was thrilled that I was  able to easily insert the Party Dots into two 5" stars around balloons without any additional tools - I like THAT a lot. At about the size of a quarter, it is very easy to do.

In my mind, I had to try it in the top of a balloon candle. Check it out! The only tough thing about lights in balloons is that it is very difficult to capture good pictures. 

Party Dots arrive ready to use. They are incredibly bright LED lights.

How bright are they? I'm so glad that you asked. Let me tell you a quick story.

Our power went out a few days after I opened my party dots package. As I sat in complete darkness at my computer desk, my mind raced to think where I have a spare flashlight. Rather than stumbling to find the flashlight, I  chose to head over to where I had left my sample of Party Dots. Hmmm...maybe if I use this.... it worked GREAT. That same party dot followed our family around for hours. My daughter, who does not like the darkness, wore it on her shirt so she could see where she was going and she read by the light! Guess what? We have a Party Dot sitting right by our computer desks in case we have another power failure.

On another note, I am a big fan of details. Something that I appreciate about these is that there is a little label on each one that says what color they are. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal. However, if you were to purchase 100 of these little guys of assorted colors and they all were stored together and happened to get mixed up...well, then your client wants only blue ones. Think about it. This tiny detail is wonderful.

How about the cost? In the US these sell for $1.25 each. If you purchase 100 or more you get a discount (current offer) making each one sell for only $1 each. They offer $5.95 shipping in the United States.

At $1 each, will I give these out in every balloon that I create at the restaurant I work? No, but I most certainly will use them for special events and special items.  I will also incorporate them into my decor, when the client's budget permits it.

I would say more about these wonderful lights but they have an informative website with a ton of videos and many other ways you may use them. Oh! I almost forgot. You may add a message/picture or design your own label online to add to these lights absolutely free! These are a fun addition for almost any event and they are most certainly not "just for balloons." What a great product... now I need to order some more.

Creating Exciting Balloon Memories,

Christine Maziarz, CBA
aka Miss Balloon Heart