Thursday, May 6, 2010

Six Month Booking Hiatus begins.

Hello, all!

I have decided to take an official hiatus on bookings during the next six months. My husband begins his six months of chemotherapy next week and in order to keep things as smooth and peaceful at home as possible I have decided to not take bookings for the entire time of his chemotherapy. I WILL take bookings for 2011 now. I may possibly be able to do events the last few weeks in December but I am going to wait a few months to see how some of his chemo rounds go before deciding on that for sure.

I WILL be working at Friendly's and Red Robin during this time, so do not hesitate to come on out and visit me there! Check my website calendar for current dates and times.

Now, all this being said, things may change, I may find that I AM able to work here and there, and if that happens you will be one of the first to know if you are reading this! So, yes, stay on my email lists and or Facebook Fan page for updates on the few remaining events I have and to see what fun stuff I'm working on and learning. I will also have balloon challenge requests periodically - there is one in the works on my Facebook Fan page.

I appreciate everyone's support TREMENDOUSLY. I look forward to being able to attend all of your events in 2011!

Abundant blessings to all of you!

Christine Maziarz
aka Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"

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