Sunday, July 25, 2010

Miss Balloon Heart is giving away a Balloon Twisting 101 Bag to one Lucky Facebook Fan!

When Miss Balloon Heart reaches 300 Facebook Fans, she will choose one lucky fan randomly (using to receive the giveaway pictured below.

Miss Balloon Heart's Balloon Twisting 101 Giveaway to one Lucky Facebook Fan
  • Miss Balloon Heart bag
  • Various balloons (260Q twisting balloons and other fun shapes to add to your creations!)
  • Instructions by Miss Balloon Heart on how to make a balloon dog
  • Dewey's Basic Balloon Sculpting Course Book 
  • Miss Balloon Heart coloring/activity page and crayons
  • Punch balloons (we all need stress relief!)
  • Rocket balloons
  • Small teddy bear - he's covered in hearts, of course!
  • A black Expo Click marker - I prefer using these when I add art to balloons
  • 3 - $10 Red Robin Gift Cards (Please note that these are good only at Pennsylvania Lehigh Valley Group Red Robin Restaurants - sorry, out of towners!).
If you are on Facebook but are not already following Miss Balloon Heart, here is your chance to be entered to win this awesome giveaway. Click "Like" below.  That is all you have to do.

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Christine Maziarz
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Birthday Wishes to a Special Woman, My Availability and Other Things...

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I have to open with a quick shout-out to my wonderful mother! Mom, thanks for always being there for me. For being the best mother a girl could ever ask for and for always speaking the truth - even when it hurts. : ) Your support of me through the years has always been something I appreciate beyond words. I count you as one of my greatest blessings. I love you very much. Happy Birthday, Mom!


For everyone else... thanks for spending some time in your busy schedule to read my blog. Here is what I have to "say" this unbelievably hot weekend.

New Blog Layout
What do you think? Like it? Hate it? Let me know. : )

My Availability
I have had more than a few people, recently, ask about my availability on booking events, so I thought I would take a moment to address this. As many of you know, my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer this past March. He had the tumor removed and is cancer-free, praise God! However, due to his young age, the doctors advised that he have a round of chemo to catch any potential microscopic cells of cancer that could possibly be floating around in his system. He is currently in the midst of his chemo treatments and we are adjusting to what a very good friend of mine calls our "new normal." : ) This being said, I cut my available hours drastically for the months he is undergoing chemotherapy. I AM currently booked through mid-November. My website calendar has been updated and if I am available to work, the calendar will say "available". If you have an event that you would like Miss Balloon Heart to attend, check it out! Believe it or not, I already have requests for 2011 dates in the works! So, yes, I AM taking bookings but NO, I do not have availability before November 20th, 2010.

Professional Balloon Education
Yes, there are balloon conventions and you would not believe how many of them there are! It is actually quite hard to choose which to attend but then at the same time, it is wonderful that there are so many options as we all have different schedules and needs. I will be receiving my next dose of professional training in August. I was scheduled to attend Diamond Jam and Balloon Camp in Las Vegas. We received word, about a week ago that the event was canceled! Yes, registrations paid and plane tickets purchased. What is a gal to do?  Thankfully, my dismay did not last long as angels in this industry stepped up and planned within a week's time two events for those of us who were unable to get out of our travel arrangements (that would be me). 

I will be attending AlternaJam on August 9th - this focus is for balloon twisters and entertainers and then Balloonstitute on August 10th and 11th - these days the focus will be on balloon decor. Thank you to all of the amazing individuals who stepped up to run these events!

Another change with the cancellation of the convention is that the CBA Exam that I had planned to take while in Vegas was canceled as well. Thankfully, Pioneer scheduled one in New Jersey in September, so all of my studying and preparation will be able to be put to use fairly soon AND I am able to drive there. Woo hoo! 

There is probably more to write but I believe that is enough for one week. : ) I know many of you have been praying for my husband and our family and we appreciate that beyond words. We truly are doing as well as we possibly could be doing and can not wait until hubby's final chemo treatment! 

I leave you with this fun search story video that I took a few minutes to make. Try one for your business, too. It is cute and super easy create. Thanks to Dale Obrochta for sharing it with others!

Creating Spectacular Memories with Balloons,

Christine Maziarz
a.k.a. Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thanks, Berks County Moms!

Gotta love publicity!

I'm really excited about this resource, being a "Berks County Mom." Yes, she DID call me right after writing that post, too!

She is on Facebook as well.

Creating Amazing Moments with Balloons,

Christine Maziarz
a.k.a. Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone!

Hello, all!

Tomorrow we celebrate my daughter's 7th birthday. Holy Cow, where does the time go? I will say that having a helium tank and thousands of balloons on-hand makes it extremely easy to spruce up the room quickly - we are all set for her birthday morning. Balloons are a wonderful way to paint the air and space in the room.

This week I worked on a couple of parody balloons that have been skipping around in my mind for a few months. The picture below has two hats that I created. A quick shout out to Bob and Larry for modeling them for me. The triangular shaped head has been the challenging part of this design.

Tonight I had just a few minutes to try a smaller, "Little Wrist Friends" version of the "quiet one" in the picture above. Not exactly where I want it yet but I'm happy that I got this far so quickly.

I also FINALLY remembered to bring a camera along to Friendly's this week and managed to snap a few pictures with the permission of the families. Click here to view that album of fun pictures.

For those of you who are waiting to know when my schedule will officially open up again... the end of November is the magic date (after Nov. 15th). I will be at the Daniel Boone Optimist Club's Craft Fair the first weekend of December but the remaining weekends are open for your birthdays, holiday parties and events! Book EARLY to reserve your dates.

As always, thank you for reading.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend, everyone!

a.k.a. Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"
Offering fantastic twisted balloon creations and beautiful balloon decor

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Congratulations to Cruzita L. who won June's prize of $40 in Red Robin Gift Cards. The winner was chosen using

Thank you all who entered!

For the month of July I am encouraging you to tell your friends about Miss Balloon Heart's Fan Page. If I reach 300 fans in July, one lucky fan will receive a balloon twisting 101 kit that I am assembling. If I pass 300 easily, I will add a second winner to the month, too. If the winner is local, I will be sure to throw in a couple of Lehigh Valley Red Robin $10 gift cards, because you will find me at Red Robin, Exeter, most Tuesday evenings!

Use the text below to tell your friends about my fan page. Thank you all and Happy July!!!!

Copy & Paste this text to tell your friends about Miss Balloon Heart:

I love following Miss Balloon Heart's fan page. Click here to check it out. If she reaches 300 fans in July one lucky fan will win a basic balloon twisting kit, assembled by Miss Balloon Heart!

Happily Twisting Balloons,
Christine Maziarz
aka Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"