Monday, May 31, 2010

$40 Red Robin Gift Card Drawing in June.

Why Red Robin gift cards? Because you will find Miss Balloon Heart at Red Robin, Exeter every Tuesday evening in June from 5:30 - 7:00PM!
Please note that these gift cards are good only for Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group, Red Robins. Sorry, out-of-towners!

One winner will be randomly chosen on Thursday, July 1, 2010.

For one entry type your first name, last initial, and your email address in the space provided in a comment below.
Example: Christine M.,

For a second entry, visit Miss Balloon Heart's website and have a look around at the sampling of balloons she has made. Check out her portfolio and videos, too! Once you have done this, return to this post and in a NEW comment below, leave your first name, last initial, your email address, and what your favorite balloon picture or video is from Miss Balloon Heart's website.

Example: Christine M. My most favorite balloon I saw on your website is the life-size princess. That is amazing!

For a third entry, “like” Miss Balloon Heart on Facebook here. Once you have done this, return to this post and in a NEW comment below, leave your first name, last initial, your email address and “Like”
Example: Christine M. Like

OR if you already "like" Miss Balloon Heart on Facebook then in a NEW comment below please tell us your first name, last initial, email address and "Already Like Miss Balloon Heart"

Example: Christine M. Already Like Miss Balloon Heart

Would you like even more entries? We are impressed. You will get an extra entry for every time you tweet about this giveaway or post a link to it on Facebook. Do not forget to leave a comment below each time that you do this.

Example1: Christine M., tweet

Example2: Christine M., FB link

The winner of the $40 worth of gift cards for Red Robin, Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group will be announced July 1, 2010, right here on Miss Balloon Heart's blog.


Must I leave my email address? If you do not want to leave you email address in a comment below, that is absolutely fine but be sure to check back here on July 1, 2010 to find out if you are our winner. We will need a way to contact you. If you do not leave an email address and do not contact Miss Balloon Heart within three days of the winner announcement then a new winner will be chosen. Subscribe to Miss Balloon Heart blog updates (on the right) to be emailed future blog postings.

Why do I need to leave a comment for each entry? To encourage Miss Balloon Heart to do more of these, we are going to limit the time needed to support the sweepstakes and give her one place to track entries. Please note that likes and re-posts will be verified. Thank you for your understanding.

Best of luck, everyone!


  1. Kim R -

  2. Kim R - - I have to say, I'm having a hard time deciding what my favorite "creation" is - I definitely LOVE the lifesize bride, but I'm also partial to the Lootles! Also, the Goliath you just did was absolutely amazing!!! Oh, and who can forget your award winning palm tree with the monkeys (? - they are monkeys?).....anyway, I think I'll go with the life sized bride, she is gorgeous!

  3. Kim R - - I already LOVE Miss Balloon heart on Facebook!!!!

  4. Karen S.,

  5. My kids and I love Ms. Balloon heart... they know that she is at Friendly's on Wed. and will ask for her as soon as we go in. She does awesome balloon work!! So talented!!

  6. Dawn A, mother of two rowdy boys: I like Miss Balloonheart!!! :) Sorry we missed seeing you tonite, DS#2 couldn't pick up his toys in time to come. Maybe next week.

  7. Nina f. My favorite balloon was the one you made for Vinnie for his birthday. The pokemon one.

  8. Nina F. already love miss balloon heart. she is our favorite lady in the whole wide world

  9. Kimberly S

  10. Kimberly S I love the pregnant cow side view picture the best!! It was definitely hard to narrow it down to ONE though!

  11. Kimberly S I already like Miss Balloon Heart! :)

  12. Cruzita L.

  13. Cruzita L. Love Miss Balloon Heart! Great job!

  14. Cruzita L. Already Like Miss Balloon Heart

  15. Cruzita L. Like

  16. Carolyn C. Goliath has to be my favorite.

  17. Carolyn C. already likes Miss Balloon Heart on Facebook.


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