Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Unpoppables

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I've been meaning to write a little bit about the TLC show, The Unpoppables, for weeks now but life has a way of getting in the way. TLC, debuted The Unpoppables back in February for six episodes and it ran for three weeks (two episodes a night).

From TLC's website: "The Unpoppables follows the quirky daredevils of New Balloon Art as they wow clients with the most innovative balloon sculptures ever. In each half-hour episode, they’ll travel to a new city, plan the week’s event and scramble to get everything done. "

The show did just that. They created large amazing balloon sculptures under stressful circumstances and with the added pressure of a TV production crew by their side. I can't even begin to imagine creating a sculpture with limited time and then having someone say..."could you stop and say that differently?" or "Ya know what, I need you to do that again but hold the balloon lower as your talking."


Are they talented? You betcha. Put all of their talent aside for just a moment and you have really brave, brave folk.

The conversations, discussions and gossip about this show in the balloon world has been just as entertaining as well. The discussion boards lit up the first two weeks. Larry Moss, posted this article, from the Washington City Paper, on BalloonHQ. The article, by Erin Petty,  gives us a taste of the reality that has become Katie Balloons life. 

Why do I write this now? Well, guess what... the first season is over and TLC is in the process of figuring out if there will be a second season. Take a minute to let TLC know that you would like to see a second season. If you saw the show and enjoyed it - let them know. If you missed it - tell them the season was too short! Thanks all!

Click here to tell TLC "I want more of The Unpoppables!" --->

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