Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tomorrow (March 4th) is DRESS IN BLUE DAY: Colon Cancer Awareness

The purpose of Dress in Blue Day is to promote awareness about colon cancer and encourage people to get their colon checked.
Friday, 3/4

Colon cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths in the US – but it doesn’t have to stay this way. Make a difference and help raise awareness for colon cancer by participating in Dress in Blue Day on Friday, March 4th. Learn how you can get involved at

This is my request to you, to please dress in blue tomorrow or share with someone our story as it may save a life.
Many of you already know that my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer last March. We received word that he was in stage 3A of colon cancer and needed not only surgery, to have 18 inches of his colon removed but also that he would need six months of chemotherapy to knock out any chance that microscopic cancer cells would remain in his body. Why do I share this with you?

He was 38 years-old when he was diagnosed and I am so very thankful that he DID NOT ignore the symptoms. He has no family history of the cancer to our knowledge. I am so very blessed that he was  intelligent about the symptoms and by him heading right to his doctor more than likely saved his life. I am also well-pleased that he has not been shy about sharing this journey with others as I know of a handful of people who did FINALLY make their colonoscopy appointments due to hubby's openness with his cancer.
When we hear stories of people who do not go for their colonoscopies, for whatever reason, it saddens us. Colon cancer is a cancer that may be caught before the term "cancer" ever needs to be applied. A polyp found during a colonoscopy may be removed during the procedure and it then never has the chance to turn into a tumor.
I make this post with a plea that if you are over 50 and have not yet gotten your colonoscopy, please do it. Best case, they find nothing. Okay, worst case, they find something but then they give you the opportunity to have a longer life. If you are under 50 and have symptoms for anything - don't ignore them - see your doctor - if you don't like their response, see another doctor. Sadly, these things don't always fit statistics neatly.

As for my husband, now, almost exactly a year later, we are on the other side of the diagnosis, surgery and chemotherapy, God-willing.

This past year had more downs than ups, we will admit that but we have drawn closer as a family in ways we never would have expected and our daughter knows more about the colon than any seven-year-old needs to know. Is that a good thing? : )

Hubby has a colonoscopy scheduled for this month and with the all clear from that he will be able to have his chemo port removed. There are some residual chemo side effects he deals with on a daily basis but you would never know it as he is a strong man and complaining "isn't his thing" as he will tell you. He also draws strength by following the stories of so many children who are battling cancer - they are true heroes.

I mostly, thank God EVERY DAY that my husband is still here with us and that he was not afraid to go to his doctor with his symptoms. Do the same in your life. Be it trouble-breathing, arm pain, head pain or whatever it possibly could be now or down the road. Yeah, sometimes it is stress but what if it isn't? Is it worth the risk?

My future posts won't be as serious, not to worry, this one just needed to be said.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead and if you think of it, wear a little blue tomorrow.

Thanks all! Abundant blessings to each and every one of you.

Christine Maziarz,
Proud wife of the "enigma" Don : )
Enigma was the term his surgeon gave him when he was diagnosed.
Our celebratory "Daddy is done chemo!" trip to Walt Disney World in January.


  1. What an inspiration you are! I am happy to hear things are looking up :)

  2. Awww, thanks, Stacy! We are happy to be where we are now, for sure. : )


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