Friday, March 11, 2011

Facebook Featured Fan Announced: Stephanie Conlon

It is with great excitement that I announce our VERY FIRST Facebook Featured Fan; Stephanie Conlon! Stephanie is a true blessing to our local communities. One interaction with Stephanie, be it in person or online, and her passion and commitment to making a difference in our community is evident.   Take a look at . Can you believe it did not exist seven months ago? Stephanie is the woman behind this website. Not only did she assemble one amazing website but she also is unbelievably kind and supportive of everyone, especially local businesses and organizations.
   I am honored to know Stephanie. It amazes me that with her busy schedule she always manages to let me know that she reads my posts and cares about my business. I want to thank Stephanie for being one of my "top" fans AND for stepping up and following her passion. I also would like to thank her husband and children for sharing her with us.
   If you haven't already, check out ! What are you waiting for?  "Like" the page, follow her on twitter, sign up for the email updates on her website, too!
   Oh, by the way, I will be giving away $40 in Red Robin PA gift cards to one person who "likes", comments on this post or shares it with others - be sure to come back and comment here if you have shared it - that is the only way you will be entered. For my blog readers, do the same, if you share it, let me know and/or comment below. Thanks! The winner will be randomly chosen on Friday, March 18th and announced on .
   Okay, enough from me. SHE is the one this is about. Please take the time to read her responses below - they are a lot of fun and very interesting. After you read about Stephanie, then be sure to post a comment and/or share away with friends and family.
  Are you a dog or a cat person? Dog - I like big, lovable dogs! I have owned a German Shephard, a Lab and a 180 lb English Mastiff named Dozer, at various times in my life. I love the loyalty and affection that dogs naturally give! I like cats, but I am highly allergic!
What is your favorite pizza topping? Extra Cheese, please!

Did you play sports or a band instrument in high school? I played 4 years of varsity basketball and was a co-captain of the team. I also lettered on the track and field team. I ran the 100 and 400 meter hurdles and was a member of the 3200-meter relay team that broke the school record back in 1983! Unfortunately, I have zero musical talent. :(

What do you think came first, the chicken or the egg? Hmmmm, good question. My gut is telling me the chicken, although I am open to persuasive argument to the contrary.

What would you like readers to know about you personally? I am committed to trying to make a difference in our community and that I deeply desire to have my children feel the support and warm embrace of their community like I was lucky to have growing up in my small, hometown of Grove City, PA.

What is your business? What "do you do?" : ) (Yes, wife, husband, father, mother, etc... count!) My goal is to help bring communities together! I started Community-Buzz in August of 2010 as a way to help highlight all our great local local businesses, home-based businesses, local organizations, clubs, churches and those word-of-mouth gems that make our community an excellence place to live. In 6 short months, Community-Buzz receives in excess of 2,500 page views A DAY!

I am also a mom of 4 - ages 9, 7, 5 and 4 and also a wife to Joe, a busy Vice President of sales at a New York-based telecommunication company - we celebrated our 10 year anniversary last August, although we've been together 15 years now! Time flies!
Who is your greatest supporter in your life and work? My husband, Joe, is always full of ideas and suggestions on how to improve the vision and goals that mean most to me. He pushes me to aim higher and think bigger. Also, I am lucky to have a really great group of friends who are always encouraging and supportive of my interests and pursuits.

Who or what inspires you? My dad. He overcame so much in his life from a very young age. He has taught, by his example, that hard work and determination can overcome just about any obstacle you may face in your life. Also, I didn't think about it much growing up, but I recently realized what a wonderful example my father was in unselfishly giving so much of himself to his community. He was an active member and officer of the local Jaycees, he was a football coach for many years, he was a member of the borough council and he devoted countless hours of his time to mowing and maintaining a local piece of property the township owned by a creek that ran through our town. It was overrun with weeds and brush and he spent every weekend cleaning it up. Many years later, it became an "official" park in the borough of Grove City, which many residents enjoy. I don't think it would be there today without my dad's tireless hours of work and his commitment to maintaining his vision that this property could be a highlight of our town.

Also, Wilma Rudolf's story has always inspired me. Wilma Rudolf wore braces on her legs as a child and was told she would never walk, but went on to win three Gold Medals in the 1960 Rome Olympics. I love and cheer for the underdogs!

Is there something you are really passionate about? What is it?
My children. Education. Things that make sense. The importance of reading and books. My community.

What is your favorite quote? The Station by Robert Hastings - it is more than a quote, but it's my all-time favorite message. Also, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi

How may people reach you?
   Twitter: CommBuzz
   Cell: 610-805-8055

Want to be a Future Featured Fan? Visit this link for more information!


  1. great site thanks for sharing.

  2. great site thanks for sharing

  3. It's nice to know your fans Miss Balloon Heart. YOu always put a smile on each person. Congrats. Very Good choice in choosing Stephanie for the First Winner.

    Melissa of Dove Chocolate Discoveries

  4. Stephanie & Joe are very generous people,with four kid's & husband,How do you get everything done....Don S

  5. Maria - Thanks for the kind comment. You have an entry! : )

  6. And Melissa gets yet another entry. : ) I'm happy to know that others are enjoying learning about Stephanie. Those of you reading this - what is the coolest thing you learned about Stephanie?

  7. Don S - you are right on with that comment. Be sure to send me your email address if you would like to be entered in the gift card drawing - being announced on Friday. : )

  8. This is so awesome! I love reading about genuinely good people who believe in the concept of community support, who also honestly care about bringing people together and making lives better.

    What I learned about Stephanie is that we are a lot alike. She loves big dogs which is so funny, because when I was growing up, my family bread hunting dogs, my children LOVE dogs, my daughter goes to dog shows with one of my best friends who owns 4 large Mastiffs, and we adopted a German Sheppard/Chow mix a few years back. The irony behind all that is that I am highly allergic to cats also. LOL!

    I agree with Stephanie's philosophy on volunteer work, and have always encouraged others to do the same; to join in for various causes. To be supportive of your friends and family and support their interests and push them to pursue their dreams is self rewarding on so many levels, especially if you get to see their progression, or success.

    Miss Balloon Heart, I enjoyed this blog, and look forward to learning about more interesting people as you select them. I am glad that we happened to be at Friendly's one evening (with my 3 children)and by random chance got to meet you. Since then I have followed you on Facebook and love your positive attitude.

    We also currently live in Douglassville, but due to my shift work at the hospital I rarely get to make it for family night at Red Robin, perhaps we will get to see you again soon! Thanks for sharing this blog.

    Make it a Great Day!
    Warmest Regards,
    Kristi Smialek

  9. Kristi - Thank you sooo much for that sweet and kind comment! Seriously, you made my day. I look forward to seeing you and your family, again, one of these days, when it works out. I am also enjoying learning about the people chosen. as well - (yep, working on the next one already). : )
    Your encouragement is GREATLY appreciated. Have an awesome weekend ahead!


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