Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The blessings of my job...

Seriously, I'm sure I already said it once this week, but I LOVE my job!

One of the many perks of my fabulously fun job is meeting people that I, otherwise, never would have had the pleasure of meeting.

Sunday's party was a true example of this. Rachel McGinn's photography is absolutely stunning. In reading her bio, I learned that she is a former editor of the J. Crew Catalog and her photographs have appeared in Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides New York and The Wall Street Journal just to name a few. One glance at her website and you will see why.

Not only did I get to meet this sweet woman and her beautiful family at her daughter's birthday party but she took stunning photographs of balloons that I made for the guests. The photographs look like they are straight out of a magazine and she posted them on her blog!

I don't know if I'm more excited about her blog posting or just having the pleasure to meet such a talented and kind lady.

Thanks, Rachel for the smiles and for inviting me to your daughter's birthday party!

Everyone have a blessed rest of the week!

Christine : )
aka Miss Balloon Heart
"Balloon Genie"

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