Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dragon for the Reading Pagoda

I hope you had a fantastic weekend.

This was a busy weekend for Creating Exciting Balloon Memories. We had fun twisting balloons and providing decor for a super cool circus birthday party AND we have been prepping centerpieces for events for tomorrow. Along with those projects, we had a large custom arch installation at the Reading Pagoda for a surprise birthday party. The event was coordinated by the lovely and amazing, Heather Pasko of Lovely Events & Occasions. Heather's attention to detail is beyond compare and she brings together the most talented area vendors you are able to imagine. This is a picture of the finished creation that I was privileged to add to this special event. Click the picture to be led to my Facebook Page album with a few additional photos of the location and build in progress.

Don't forget to "like" our FB page while you are there...and definitely click through to the Lovely Events & Occasions page to see even more pictures of incredible event.

This dragon not only hung out at a couple of private parties but was able to spend the weekend in the Pagoda to welcome guests during their public hours as well. 

The Pagoda staff did recruit some name ideas for this dragon from a few visitors. These are what was submitted:

   Elmer, by Lauren R.
   Pierce (because of his eyes), by Blake R.
   Fireball, by Camille
   Lili, by Lili J.
   Vlad, by Felicia M.
   Ralston, by Charlie R.
   and Mooshu, by Shawna

Thank you for the name suggestions. I think we should combine them all to name this guy:

"Sir Elmer Pierce Fireball Lili Vlad Mooshu Ralston the third." 

I don't know, he looked like he needed a Sir and "the third." 

Sadly, Sir Elmer Pierce etc, etc, etc... was slain this afternoon at the close of public hours.

On a lighter note, this Tuesday I will be at my normal Tuesday evening location,  Red Robin, Exeter, for Kid's Night. Twisted balloons and free sundaes for children 9 and under. Miss Balloon Heart is in the house from 5:30 - 7:00PM.

Saturday, I will joining the LEO Design Gallery team at Art on the Avenue from 2PM-5PM. You will find me inside of the gallery - Come check it out!!!  Click here for details.

Thanks for reading. May you have an absolutely fantastic week ahead!

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