Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Party Feedback and 2009 in review..

One of my career blessings has been that in this first year as a balloon twister, I have had so many clients so willing to give me feedback and comments. A few even take the time to forward pictures as well. Here is one that did both, thank you Jackie! Below is what she had to say and some pictures she forwarded to me.

"I booked Miss Balloon Heart for our Mustang Car Club Family Xmas Party in order to keep the children amused during the cocktail hour. She did a fantastic job!! What really blew us all away was the "Vista Blue Mustang convertible" she made out of balloons which included glo-sticks in the white balloon headlights!! How creative!!" ~Jackie Dahlen

This year I have learned so very much. I have had the privilege to entertain in countless homes for birthday parties and holiday parties, at corporate events, stores, libraries, restaurants and a wedding. I believe I have FINALLY found the look needed for Miss Balloon Heart - only took me 10 months to find (smile) and the tools that work best for me to do the best job. I have always been one to believe in continuing education and with this career it is no different.

I attended Diamond Jam, a balloon twisting convention in Las Vegas in August, where I was able to study with some of the best in the industry and have found a local balloon jam group that is amazing! Such talent and willingness to share is yet another blessing that I count in my life.

Along with the attending the convention, I have DVDs, books and magazines that I read/watch weekly so that I will be the best entertainer for your event. In 2010, I will begin the path of becoming a CBA (Certified Balloon Artist) balloon professional. Can you believe this stuff exists? A year ago, I did not know what a 260 balloon was and now it is in my daily vocabulary. I find this whole journey exciting and am thrilled at what 2010 and beyond has in store for "Miss Balloon Heart." I do place it all in God's hands and will go where He leads me.

Thank you all for being part of my journey this year and for all of your support. Have an absolutely wonderful holiday season!

Miss Balloon Heart : )

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