Thursday, March 19, 2009

Red Monster Balloon...

My neighbor requested a parody of an Elmo balloon for a birthday party they are attending on Sunday. I came up with this this morning. He was our test sculpture.

Balloon Heart Jr. and I put him by the door so our neighbor would see him waiting for her when she got home. He is happy at his new home now.


  1. Aw! He's cute, too! How do you fasten the eyes and nose? You're know a lot of stuff about balloons!

  2. It is called a raisin twist. You put a small piece of a scrap balloon that has been tied multiple times so it looks like a raisin - inside of the blown up balloon, then you search for it and pull it out and you have something to attach other balloons to. It is the first time I've done it successfully. Balloon Heart Jr. thought it was WAY cool. Have an awesome day and thanks for visiting again!


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