Sunday, June 21, 2009

Week of June 22, 2009. Two discounts for blog readers.

This week is calm on the balloon twisting front to allow my daughter, Butterfly Balloon, to attend drama camp. She is quite excited about the camp which is always a good thing.

My public event this week is my usual, fun, Wednesday night spot of Friendly's in Pottstown on Shoemaker Rd. I will be there from 5PM - 7:30PM.

As for the discount mentioned in the title....the next two booking requests for events in the month of July that I receive (via website, email or phone) that tell me "I read your blog and would like the discount" will receive a $20 discount off the total cost of your event for events that are booked for 1.5 hours or more. This must be a new booking request and for a July 2009 event. Please note that I will not be offering discounts in the months of August through December of this year, as I will be limiting my hours during those months to focus on family activities that we have planned.

Below are balloons I made this week... have a wonderful week, everyone!

For an explorer birthday party, this weekend.

The large flower that traveled with me this week.

A parody of a McDonald's fry guy.

A goofy, larger, gun. I can not say that I am a fan of guns but since they are made from balloons and all of my balloon guns shoot jelly or cookies, it does not seem so bad. This is only a small portion of one of Don Caldwell's designs, the Monkey Tron5000. I did make a Fish Tron5000 this week at an event but did not get a picture. Maybe next time.

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