Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Designs, Valentine's Day Orders, Elastic Park

Well, the snow is only just beginning to melt, just as we are about to get another batch. Where will we put the snow we shovel this time around? Here's hoping we'll get some good "snowman making snow" this time.

I am working on a few new designs and every once in a while, my daughter gets excited about them. She liked this batch... Designs are by Jeanine Von Essen and her stuff is a lot of fun.

Don't forget to place your Valentine's Day balloon orders ASAP! Click here to order.
Below is a sample balloon gift (my daughter is not included) : )
On another note, I have a request, all.
I would love to see the project below get the funding it needs to launch. It would be amazing and educational as well! Jurrasic Park (yes, THAT size) out of balloons! If you could take 10 seconds a day to vote for this, it will help tremendously. You may vote once a day each day in February and yes, every vote counts.
Vote   now for balloon dinosaurs at Elastic Park

Thank you everyone and Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

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