Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where have all the RSVPs gone?

Hello, all!

Miss Balloon Heart has found where her joy lies with balloon twisting and it is the good old birthday party event. In this last year I have worked birthday parties, restaurants, carnivals, car shows, craft fairs, church events, library events, preschool events, a wedding and lots more.

Do I twist balloons at all of them? Yes. Some I presented a story time with balloons, some we did an interactive audience show but for all I twist balloons. However, I found there are certain events that have me excited to prepare for, excited to work and I feel energized when I'm finished and it is without a doubt...BIRTHDAY PARTIES.

In order to keep my joy this year and to be the best entertainer I am able to be, birthday parties will be my primary focus in 2010. I am excited that I will have birthday party packages announced by December, stay tuned!

With this in mind, this blog is going to migrate into a place where I will post interesting party planning articles and resources that I find on the internet to share with you. My facebook fan page contains updates on what Miss Balloon Heart is up to, so rather than duplicating posts, this blog will focus on parties.

My first party planning post comes from Momtrends. The resounding comment I hear from birthday party planning mothers when I confirm their events is "I don't have many RSVP's." This leaves the birthday child's party organizer in a tough situation so here is a timely article about party etiquette to speak to that.

Type to you all soon!

Happily Twisting Balloons,

Christine Maziarz
a.k.a. Miss Balloon Heart

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