Sunday, February 22, 2009

What I am up to...

Hello, all!

This week I will be at Friendly's on Wednesday evening from 5-7PM. Funny story. I brought them a bag of balloons that I had made while practicing and five minutes after I walked in the door, I was booked for Wednesday nights!

Balloon Heart Jr. helped me hand out some of the balloons while I was there - she enjoyed that very much.

I will also be at the Hard Bean Cafe on Thursday, March 5th at 10AM. This is great for stay-at-home mothers... I will twist balloons for the children while you sip on your favorite Hard Bean beverage....and let me just say, they are YUMMY, too!

What else.... well, I was also interviewed by a reporter this week from the Boyertown Times, Community Connection. She attended the story time I did at the library, yesterday and took a TON of pictures. She was so very sweet. I think my fear of reporters may be gone, thanks to her! : )

You may always check my calendar on my website for upcoming public events if you are looking for where I will be next.

Thanks for reading!

I'm off to twist some more.

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