Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Method to my Blogging Madness

Hello, all!

Rather than continuously posting about my events for the upcoming week and flooding your inbox with the same information week after week, I have decided to post all of my upcoming events on the sidebar of my blog so you may find them here or directly on my website. When I book an upcoming public event, I will announce it in a post here once it is officially booked and then it will move to the sidebar on this blog.

So, what WILL be in my future posts space, you may ask?
* New balloon designs that I am learning
* Pictures from events
* New products/services that will be offered by Miss Balloon Heart
* Any discounts that I run will first be announced on this blog.
* Other fun stuff relating to balloons.

So, along those lines....I made a fun balloon for my daughter's birthday and have posted that on my Facebook Fan page (see above for the link).

Below is a small vase of flowers that I created when practicing my balloon flowers.

Working on the flowers, this week, inspired me to create an arrangement that is made up of flower bracelets. I know this is not a new concept in the balloon twisting world but rather than looking at other balloon artist's designs, I decided to see what I could come up with on my own and the picture below is the result of this inspiration. It holds 10 flower bracelets. I was able to take it to Friendly's on Wednesday to test it out. The bouquet looked nice on the counter but I do need to work on the vase/holder. I have some fun ideas for that and am looking forward to trying them.

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