Tuesday, January 13, 2009


While practicing my balloon twisting today, I decided to make DD a balloon "house", okay it is more like an igloo but I was able to get a lot of twist practicing in and I raided the practice pile from the past few days to decorate it a bit. She had a picnic in it for lunch and called it the "science center."

By the way, DD has given me a name for my balloon twisting persona, Miss Balloon Heart.

Too cute not to use.

I reserved www.missballoonheart.com today and will work on that when we return from vacation.

Looks like I have a few upcoming appearances at the Boyertown Library, too. Something for me to prepare for with all of my excitement!

Thanks for reading. I'm off to twist some more.

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  1. Love it! You've been working hard! I love the monkey. Oh, and the balloon one too!


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